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Q.  What exactly is "Auto Detailing"?

A.  Auto detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning and restoring the appearance of a vehicle. This can include washing and waxing the exterior, cleaning and conditioning the interior, and polishing and restoring the paint. Detailing can also include more advanced services such as engine cleaning and paint restoration. The goal of auto detailing is to make a vehicle look as close to new as possible.It is very important to understand that detailing is a cleaning process to address every aspect of a car.  From the steering wheel buttons, to chrome A/C vent inserts, foot pedals and turn signal knobs, everything needs to be cleaned.  I am equipped with many different cleaners for cleaning plastics, vinyl, carpet, glass, paint, chrome, various appliques, etc.    

Q.  How do I book my appointment?

A.  Booking your appointment can be done easily from any smartphone or mobile device.  Since you're already on our site, just click on the "Book Online" Tab and you can pick your package and the date and time that works for you.   I will receive a notification and will sent you back an appointment confirmation via text or email.  

Q.  Will you need to use my water or power to detail my vehicle?

A.  NO! Not at all!!  I am equipped with a 125 gallon water tank as well has a power generator.   We have everything we need to get your car looking 

Q.  What is the Clay barring process?

A.  The clay barring process is one of the most important step in the paint correction process.  This process is done my rubbing a small piece of detailing clay on your paint finish.  A quick wax or detailing spray must be used as a lubricant during the clay-barring process.  Small contaminants, dirt and grime stick to the clay bar and remove them for the paint.  This step must be completed before using any kind of machine on the vehicle. 

Q.  What is a ceramic coating?

A.  Ceramic coating is a type of liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to create a protective barrier. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle's paint, creating a layer of protection that is resistant to chemicals, UV rays, and environmental contaminants. Ceramic coatings also have hydrophobic properties, which means they repel water and can make it easier to clean the vehicle. The coating can last for several years with proper maintenance.

One of the newest technologies to hit the detailing community is the nano-ceramic coating.  The longevity and value of the product make it a great choice for long lasting protection and high level shine.   Ceramic Coating a longer lasting protection that will last from 2-5 years, depending the coating.  We normally use a 2 year coating.   After the product is applied, it crystalizes over the clearcoat (after 48hrs of cure time) and creates an invisible barrier, protecting from UV rays, hard water deposits causing water spots, bird droppings, bug spots, etc.   

It is a great idea to start with a ceramic coating from the beginning of vehicle ownership. 

Q.  So why should I bring my vehicle to Prestige Shine as opposed to my local car wash?  

A.  We believe in detailing done the right way.  We believe in using non-abrasive products and materials that result in optimum shine and protection.  We often times remove scratches caused my automatic car wash brushes.  We believe in providing value to both the customer and their vehicle, helping them to keep their cars in the best shape possible for as long as possible.  

Q. So what exactly makes Prestige Shine Auto Detailing an environmentally-friendly service?
A.  Prestige Shine Auto Detailing has mastered the art of water-less detailing.  Depending on the condition of the vehicle, Prestige Shine can detail the vehicle without even using running water.  
Q. What if I cannot drop off my car, can you come to me? 
A.  Prestige Shine Auto Detailing is mobile and will come to your home, work, office, etc., however, I will need access to a standard power outlet in order to run my DA polisher.  I bring my own tools and products needed to bring your car back to life.   
Q.  How long will the sealant last on my paint?
A.  A typical wax application lasts anywhere from two to three months. A premium wax sealant will last from six to nine months given the car is stored properly, not exposed to extreme environmental elements and washed properly. Note – running a car through an automatic car that uses harsh chemicals and brushes will strip the wax – and harm your paint!
Q.  What is your availability?
A.  Prestige Shine is a "one man show".   I currently work full-time so detailing is a part-time hobby at the moment.  However, when you book your appointment on our site, we will send you a confirmation.  If the date does not work, we will ask you to pick an alternate date.  

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at (937) 348 - 1275.  
Availability is as follows: 

                                                   Monday - Friday :  4pm - 9pm
                                                   Saturday & Sunday : 8am - 5pm

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