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With a Ceramic Coating, Never Wax Again!

Everybody has a personal connection to their car. We know that you want to maintain your car, but the process can be time-consuming and tedious. With a regular car wash, the dirt and contaminants may seem like they are glued on. It may seem like you just waxed your car, but now you're waxing it again because all the previous wax is gone. And it may seem like you just washed your car, but now it’s dirty, again. Unfortunately, this is an all too common problem, but the solution is simple - Ceramic Coating.

Ceramic Coating Protection


Ceramic Coatings may seem like magic, but they are very real. A Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds to your car’s paint creating a permanent barrier that is extremely hydrophobic. The coating is considered permanent since it does not wash away or break down. Typically, you can expect 2-5 years of protection from a ceramic coating. Ceramic Coatings repel water and dirt like nobody’s business, which makes your car easier to clean. Ceramic Coatings are also very hard (9H on Mohs Hardness Scale), so they help prevent swirl marks and marring from daily use and car washes. A Ceramic Coating is also an investment that will guarantee your car’s paint is protected for the future and save your time and money on maintenance.

See it in Action!

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