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Quartz Nano-Ceramic Coating

The ultimate protection package, warranted for 2 years, maintenance washes included.

  • 2 hours
  • Location 1|North Main Street|Prestige Shine Auto Detailing

Service Description

Are you tired of frequency washing and waxing your vehicle? A ceramic coating is the newest technology in the detailing industry that provides an ultra hard finish for lasting protection, high gloss shine, weather resistant, super slick dirt repellent surface, and self-cleaning effects after application. Our coatings are warranted for 2 years as long as the customer brings the vehicle in for maintenance every 6 months. Maintenance washes are covered and free of charge.

Contact Details

  • Prestige Shine Mobile Detailing, Sycamore Woods Boulevard, Trotwood, OH, USA

    + 937-348-1275

  • Prestige Shine Auto Detailing, North Main Street, Dayton, OH, USA

    + 937-348-1275

  • 5408 North Main Street, Dayton, OH, USA

    + 937-348-1275

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