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"Aubrien did a great job on my highlander! I told him that I almost didn’t purchase my car because of the black paint but he brought out its beauty! He listened to my concerns about a few scratches and did a great job making them disappear! A neighbor asked for his info and I highly recommended him!"

"I really enjoyed meeting the owner, Aubrien, and having the experience of getting my SUV detailed. The service was efficient, professional, and pleasant. I highly recommend this business! The personal touch is worth whatever price/wait is necessary."

"Aubrien was very professional with proper equipment, cleaners and polishers. He allowed me to also take part in helping out and learning the process so I know what it takes to maintain the car on an on going basis. 

Full process from cleaning, claying, cut/polish and seal, it was my first time watching this process and found it interesting. Some sections required multiple passes but got her very clean. He took his time to get it right.

Washed her again this past weekend and was a breeze.

Great guy to work with!"


-Yuki (Columbus, OH)





"I have to tell you I had my car detailed over the weekend and man!!!! I don't think it looked that good when I drove it off the Dealerships lot!! Already a coworker asked me this morning who did my car and I gladly gave them your information!! Thanks a bunch Prestige Shine you got my car looking right, I'm a satisfied customer who will be doing business with you on a regular basis!"


- Debra Alstork (Trotwood, OH)

"Aubrien did an amazing job detailing my car inside and out! You should definitely reach out to him! Won't find a better deal and did an amazing job! People around the neighborhood getting his card for their cars to be done! Best deal in the city and he comes to you! You can reach him at 513-200-9442.  He has 3 packages to choose from, but I recommend the "Prestige" package!"

- Brian McKnight (Ludlow, KY)

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